Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rabbit hole

Yesterday afternoon, Jack waltzes into the kitchen to empty his lunch bag.  I stop for a moment to listen to what he's singing. And Jesus said, "Come to the water.  Stand by my side." 

"Strange", I think to myself, because I can't ever remember singing that to him and it's definitely not the style of music he listens to.

So I say, "Hey, where did you hear THAT!?"

"We sing it in youth group," he says.  I start to sing along.  I know you are thristy.  You won't be denied...  "In English?"  I ask.  

"Yeah."  But for those tears I died.

"That's a very old song.  Did you know that?"

"No, I really like it," he says.  I'm glad he likes it, because the words are not bad, albeit a little cheesy (and "strove" might be a little much).  And I'm also happy that we can keep singing old songs and appreciating them.  

"Let me show you," I say as I reach for my phone.  I Google the words that I can remember and find a YouTube video of two very old-fashioned looking-girls singing awkwardly into microphones.  They are not doing any favors to the song.  We laugh a little and then I do another search.  This time I find the Heritage Singers (we had a tape of theirs when I was in high-school that I LOVED and probably wore out) singing the song.  Their bright white and yellow of their matching outfits and the fact they are posing with an American flag are just kooky, but that's beside the point.  

Mark is in the living room (most likely cringing). At the 2.11 bit of the song, I say, "What was it about speaking out parts of songs back then, anyway?"  

"Seriously.  I don't know!"  He laughs.

Later on at supper, Jack asks Sam if he knows that the song they sing in youth group is an oldie.  Sam doesn't.  

"Show 'em, Mom," Jack says to me.

It's the tail-end of supper, so I get up and turn on my computer.  I can't find the first video that Jack and I had watched on my phone.  I look through the suggested videos on the side and something catches my eye. It looks more interesting, and I'm tired of hearing and singing (because now it'stuck in my head and I'm singing it in an exagerated, 1970's-kind-of-way) "For Those Tears I Died".  

"Let's watch this one instead," I say.  The title of which is 10-year-old autistic blind boy sings "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord."

Turn's out it was a  good pick!   It moved me in a profound way.  It's just worth remembering and it's worth sharing.  

The 4-minute video knocked the silly right out of us.