Thursday, September 26, 2013

Camp Credo

Last weekend was our church's fall retreat.

My favorite moments:

+++Sam telling the Christian bear joke around the campfire Friday night

+++Playing VOLLEYBALL for over 2 hours Saturday afternoon!

+++Saturday morning walk with Lili and Daniel

+++Jack telling me about his sax conversation with JP and me thinking for a good few seconds that he said something confusion, our laughter, and the smiles the whole thing has given me over the past week.

+++Benoit's message on GRACE---glorieuse et toute-puissante!

+++Saturday's early run in a new place with new things at which to wonder

+++Hearing that Madeleine asked Sam if our church was "always like this" with amazement in her voice

+++Listening to Monique's humble, gentle, brave, audacious talk

+++Seeing Joel's complete and total love of all things "camp"....the stories around the fire, the freedom of not having Mom's constant watchful eye during mealtimes, the games, the late bedtimes, the bunkbeds.  His joy give me energy

+++Watching Mad getting surrounded by our small group girls before a session with no place for Sam, and watching it not matter one little bit to either of them.

+++The music, the music, the music!
Anissa and Philippe
See?  No place for Sam.  He sat with Jack.  Beautiful and on the RIGHT track!
There was plenty of time to be together at other times
Sickie Maybel taking care of Caleb
Some of my favs
Aleja playing water balloon games
why is getting one another soaked so much fun...even for (and maybe especially for) adults?

not the game that was intended, but just as fun
like a food fight, it started fast and ended fast
Sweet Jacqueline and  Silent Kevin
the view, oh!
Solitude for Kevin
Pretty Madeleine
Benoit and his guitar
camp wears one out!
oh, kisses from Maria Alejandra
Daniel and Jorge love
 My only regret is that Mark had to miss it!