Thursday, September 5, 2013

An interview with Brian Banks

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Brian Banks joins the "Rich Eisen Podcast" (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

Mark was listening to this podcast one night at the end of June.  I couldn't help myself.  I was drawn into the story right away.  It's compelling, jaw-dropping, and intriguing.  More importantly, Brian is an inspiring role-model.  There is much to be learned here.

"Atlanta Falcons linebacker Brian Banks stops by the “Rich Eisen Podcast” for a discussion with Rich about his incredible life story and journey to the NFL. From being falsely accused on two counts of forcible rape and kidnapping charges by a fellow classmate and friend, to being exonerated by the State of California 10 years later and having his conviction overturned by Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Ferriera. It’s an absolutely amazing story that you need to hear Banks tell in his own words."

*just a little heads-up: I don't think this story is appropriate for all ages.  We definitely want Sam to hear this NOW, but will wait a few years for the other boys.