Sunday, August 25, 2013

All this beauty...

Oh, Sweet Fred!

A Letter From Fred from Green Shoe Studio on Vimeo.

Dr. James Wolf is dying of cancer but before he leaves this earth, his daughter, wanted to film a father-daughter dance for her wedding. Rachel's not getting married, though. She’s not even engaged. But she hopes to be one day, and she didn’t want to go through her wedding knowing she never danced with her father. Rachel bought a wedding dress, rented a limo and gathered friends at a park to film a final dance with her dad. So much beauty here. Makes me want to stop and cherish the special moments while I’m alive, and, not unlike Dr. Wolf, leave something remarkable behind.
And this lady is inspiring and completely joyful. The story cured that feeling of self-pity that has a tendancy to creep up on me from time to time.
Duct Tape Surfing from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.