Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughts about the Body

A certain friend and I speak often of what the body of believers should look like, how it should function, what's not working, how it could be different.  

Last night, she sent me this video.  Attached were these words of hers:
…on pouvait se dire qu’un « corps » c’est un peu comme un orchestre, je pense que ce clip  donne un bel aperçu de ce à quoi pourrait ressembler une église, où chaque personne joue sa partie et ensemble le résultat devient créatif, surprenant et inspirant. C’est pas si simple, ça demande beaucoup de pratique, de la confiance et on peut constater qu’il ne semble pas y avoir  de « leader vedette ».  Chaque talent est déployé pour que collectivement ça donne quelque chose de beau. Wow. 

I love the part about there not seeming to be a star leader, but everyone's talent is used collectively to produce something beautiful.  

Then I thought about the following video that Sam showed us a couple days ago.  The style is night and day from the above video, but the principal is the same.  There's not one person in the limelight.  The collaboration of many people makes this piece of art unique, interesting, and beautiful.

And one look at the "behind the scenes" helps to carry this analogy a little further.  It takes a whole lot of people working together in harmony with one another for this to work.  We all need each other.  We just do.