Sunday, June 9, 2013

A little picture catch-up

Sam went to NYC with his class a couple of weeks ago.  
 He came back with this poster for Jack and Joel.  And I thought that was one of the most thoughtful things I`d seen in a long time!
 Jack is still pluckin' away.
Uncle Rich and Aunt Aracely have made Joel  and Jack  very happy by getting them magazine subscriptions (SI Kids and National Geographic Kids, respectively) for Christmas.  Such joy they have every month, finding their magazines in the mailbox when they come home for lunch.  For some reason, two copies of SI have been coming for a couple months now.  It's a mistake and we need to get it figured out, but these guys don't look like it's any kind of problem.

Satiago has three big brothers here, and I think everyone is okay with that.  Sometimes I think about kidnapping the little guy, but I love his mom too much to do that to her.

We have little neighbor named Tommy who I need to tell a little story about.  He's kind of a neglected soul, and sometimes he hangs out in our yard waiting for the kids to come out and play.  On this particular day, he was looking at the boys through the patio door while we were getting ready to eat lunch.  This happens quite often, and I've never said anything, but this time I just asked if he could wait in HIS yard because we were feeling a little like zoo animals being visited by humans.  He laughed and walked away, but when I went into the kitchen, I saw him like this crouched behind our bbq eating popcorn and drinking his Pepsi and reading a comic book.

I  love this red maple outside our front door.  When I love it the most is in early spring when the leaves just start to show themselves.  I call it the "puppy stage" and wish I could stop it from growing into a dog!
Jack is always reading up a storm.  He came to me the day after we had brought him a new book for his Kindle and said, "I'm already at 35% in my book.  It stinks!"  He was bummed that he only had 2/3 left to read!  He goes through books as fast as he empties the dinner table and grows out of his jeans!  Somebody stop him!
He did a spring football camp this year.  Sam went to a bit of the first day to watch with Mark.  He noticed that Jack was having a bit of trouble with one of the drills, so before he went to the second session the following week, they had a little practice.  It warmed my heart to watch them,
 This needs no description.
Sam and Madeleine have been "studying" together a lot lately!
This sunset Thursday night was so spectacular that it had a lot of people noticing and talking and taking pictures.

A couple weeks ago, after a delicious brunch, the girls stayed and we worked together on a song project.  How much fun it is to do things together instead of alone!
 BBQs in the backyard with friends...oh, how we love MAY!

I did some major spring cleaning a few weeks ago.  The kids had sorting and organizing to do too.  They took a break with Sam when they needed some nourishment for their big task.
I love the way this boy relaxes, takes time to just do nothing.
The end.