Friday, June 7, 2013

My very favorite time of day...

is night!  I love 7:30.  Nighttime routine is done (or it is supposed to be!) and it's time to plop on the bed and read to the J's.  But it's not just reading time. It's so much more, and now that I'm typing these words I think they sound familiar and that I've perhaps typed them in this space before.  There's laughter, teasing, the telling of stories, reconnecting.

Last night after I finished reading a couple chapters in The Trumpet of the Swan (which I remember my 2nd grade teacher read to my class!) we called Sam up to join us for Bible reading and prayer*, which as you will see, we didn't get to right away.  I asked Sam if he wanted to have his friend, Madeleine, over sometime on the weekend.  He thought Saturday afternoon would be good, and we talked about that a bit.  Jack asked me if he could invite D to our church gathering Sunday morning and then over for lunch.  When I said yes, he said something about it being a full weekend.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Well, Joel is having three friends spend the night Friday night. And then if Madeleine comes Saturday...And Dylan on Sunday...."

"Oh, I see what you mean.  Yeah, I'm tired just thinking about it!"  I was really thinking of all the other things that were going to be squeezed in and around those visits this weekend.

Joel pipes up, "Well, Mom!  I don't really think Madeleine is much of a problem for you!"

OH, Joel, how you say things!  It's true.  Madeleine is not going to be the problem.  I have a feeling it's going to be more like four wild 8-year olds, but I kind of think that's what he was trying to say.

Then later, I asked Sam to pray.  He did.  I heard him praying about our friends, Jorge and Liliana, who had had their sweet baby earlier in the day.  Then I heard him say, "I don't really know where I was going with that, so...let's just move on!"

And the prayer time was interrupted with some laughs.

And it was funny enough to me, to put it down here.

What am I going to do when there are no more funny kids around?

*Mark was away at a meeting