Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Dad

My Pa turned 70 on Friday.  I wish we could have been there to help him celebrate, but from the sounds of it, he did okay without us.  We did have a 4-way family chat on Skype for an hour and a half that night, which was fun and funny (at least for me!)  Don't know how much the birthday boy appreciated our scheduling the call during the big Pacers' game...

My mom put the following picture, taken in 1965, on Facebook this weekend.  I'd never seen it before.  It is now my very favorite picture of my parents!


1.  He is calm and understated, never drawing attention to himself.
2.  He is very smart, and always learning new things.
3.  He used to let me play with his hands, especially during church, when I got a little fidgety.
4.  He takes his health seriously, 
doing everything within his power to keep in shape and to take care of his body.
5.  He has a very good sense of humor.
6.  He is a very good story-teller, able to make up the best stories on the spur of the moment.
7.  He loves and honors GOD.
8.  Because sometimes, when I was a teen and wanted to run out on the isolated, and perhaps, dangerous road, he accompanied me on his motorcycle (nowadays he would run WITH me)
9.  He has very intricate and interesting dreams
10.  He loves my mother!