Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More stuff they said

+++Jack, allergic to all things romantic, told me that he finished reading the book he won at school from author, LaTulipe.
Me:  How was it?
Jack:  Okay, but there was unexpected and unnecessary love.
(Two characters kiss, just to be clear about what kind of books Jack is reading!)

+++Joel, Sam, and I were in the store getting a few last-minute supplies for Sam for his trip to NYC.  When we got to the "snack" part of the store...
Me:  Do you want cand---no (interrupting myself) it won't work with your braces.
Sam:  No, it's okay.  I have a technique for candy.
Me:  Well, could you use the technique for raw vegetables (i.e. carrots, celery, etc.)?
(My lunch-making adventures would be a lot less taxing)

A couple minutes later...

Joel:  (Green with envy that his big brother was going to NYC) Sam is SO lucky!
Me:  You'll go to NYC too, if you go to Rochebelle one day.
Joel: (with a roll of the eyes and a sigh) Only once a year!
Me:  How many times a year do you think you should go there?
Joel:  Five

+++On a recent day off school, a few hours after he'd woken up, I asked Joel if he'd made his bed yet.
Joel:  A little bit
Me:  (laughing to myself about how one makes one's bed a little bit) Go make it a lot!

+++Mark's mom called on Monday and Joel answered the phone.
Here's what I heard him say:
Joel:  Oh that's sad!  (She was explaining that her sister lost her husband last year and her son this year...he knew all that but I guess she thought he didn't.  I really loved his sweet, sympathetic response to this instead of saying I know!)

And then she was telling about how when her brother-in-law came back from the Vietnam War, he was just dropped off somewhere in North Carolina and had to make his way on foot back home to Indiana.  She said that she wouldn't have wanted to walk all that way!
Joel:  I wouldn't either, but if I had to, I would!

+++After the community concert (where Mark played the ukulele), Jack, Joel, and I were on our way home together.  Jack asked me if I'd cried at all during it.
Me:  No (surprised at the realization), I didn't.  At all!  I didn't even have to hold back any tears.  Are you proud of me (asked because I think I embarrass the kids a lot with that)?
Joel:  YES!
Jack:  Actually, mom, it's okay that you cry.  That's who you are.  I like it that you are touched by things! (BEAUTIFUL!)