Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The weekend was...

for Joel:  Playing outside for HOURS with various neighborhood boys (but mostly Olivier and Felix-Antoine)

for Jack:  4 hours of football camp and then still having energy to play ball and entertain Raph and Dylan

for Sam:  Sports award-night, loads of homework, finding some treasures (drowned rotting squirrels in a water-filled trash can, the pictures of which he posted on FB!) while cleaning behind the shed, being with friends (Madeleine and Anne-Sophie) all Sunday afternoon
 for grilling and eating outside
 for dirty nails and knees and cool treats
for lingering
 for appreciating the happy sounds and sights that mean spring is really here.
 for laundry and lots of cleaning
 for laughing and wrestling and NOT sleeping

for having relaxed, easy-going mornings, especially Sunday when our church did not have a gathering and our family and guests joined another local church to worship.

for Mark feeling lots better and walking longer distances and even riding his bike a bit

oh, and for allergies...Mark and Sam can never fully enjoy the entire spring experience, which makes me very SAD!