Sunday, March 24, 2013


Today the littlest B, had a birthday!

Instead of talking about how fast the time has flown or how hard it is for me to realize I don't have "little ones" anymore, I'm going to share this Joel's-Life quiz I made for the family to take during supper tonight.  He LOVED it, so I'm really glad that I spent the time digging around in my blog for material (which was pretty bitter sweet for me).

1.  The Christmas that Joel was two, what did he say when we tried to give him more presents after he opened this "computer"
a.  No! I'm playing this
b.  Leave me alone
c.  No thank you!
d.  I'm busy
2.  One day when Joel was 2, we came home from a walk in January and after we got all un-bundled he said:
a.  Is it spring, Mom?
b.  Can I have a cookie?
c.  I tired.  I go bed now!
d.  I'm a Popsicle!
3.   What statement is true about the picture above?
a.  Joel was raking leaves because I made him do it for a punishment.
b.  He wanted to earn some money.
c.  He told me that he was "raking Maple leaves!"
d.  He asked me to help him do "hawd job!"

4.  What did Joel (age 2) say when I asked "Is that your microphone" when he was singing into a toy?
a.  Yes, I'm a rocker
b.  Yes, I yike singing
c.  No, it's my something else
d. No, it's just a toy
5.  Age 3:  What were 3 of Joel's favorite things?
a.  Listening to Storynory, dessert, and singing
b.  Listening to Storynory, dessert, and coloring
c.  He knight armor and sword, his cardboard guitar, and when the kids didn't have school
d.  Knight armor, cardboard guitar, and bananas
6.  Joel (age 3) said, "I love to play Nazi!" It's not what he meant.  He meant:
a.  I love to play soldier
b.  I love to play nicely.
c.  I love to play Yahtzee

7.  Joel (age 4) called upstairs to me with a question I and I didn't know what he was talking about so I answered, "I don't know!"  I heard him say something softly to Jack.  What was it?
a.  I think Mom is deaf
b.  Mom is being annoying
c.  Why doesn't Mom know anything?
d.  She's kind of dumb!
8.  How did we know that Joel was finally catching on to French
a.  He spoke French in his sleep.
b.  He got sent to the "tapis" in Kindergarten for tattling to much.
c.  Madame Lili told us that he didn't want to go to his "francisation" class because "I already know French!"
9.  How did √Člie wish Joel a happy birthday when he turned 6?
a.  I wish for you love, a million $, and that your birthday cake be vanilla
b.  I wish for you lots of love, lots of presents, and that your birthday cake would be a chocolate one
c.  I wish you happy times, chocolate cake, and lots and lots of friends.
d.  Happy birthday, mon ami!

10.  Which of the following did Joel not say when he was 6?
a.  I want to invent something, but everything's already been invented.
b.  Did you know you can swim naked or you can swim with your bathing suit on?
c.  I'd like to see a UFO
d.  I have a lot of body hair for a six-year old!
11.  One time when he was six he came in with a bloody nose.  I told him to get a Kleenex.  He didn't want to.  Why?
a.  because it "looks cool"
b.  because it "hurts too bad"
c.  because it had already stopped bleeding
d.  because he wanted to be like a soldier

12.  Joel (age 6) said there were a lot of things he wanted to do when he grew up.  Then he said:
a.  So I have a lot of preparations to make
b.  So I'm being careful not to die
c.  So can you write down the list of everything I want to do?
d.  At what age can you not do anything anymore?

the answer is B...I can`t find the post right now, but I found some very funny and endearing things he said when he was 5

13.  What kind of cake did Joel have on his 7th birthday?
14.  What did Joel miss most when he was 7?
a.  the States
b. pop
c.  Little Grandma
d. Twinkies
Sam won with 10 correct answers.  
Mark and Joel tied with 8.  
And Jack, well, lets just say I SKUNKED him!

After the quiz we watched this video of Joel's creative lyrics and great style and this sweet conversation.  Oh, my heart!

And then we read a most beautiful letter that Mark wrote for Joel today.  I have no other words right now about that!

We had a good day, celebrating Joel's eight years with us!  We thank God for this 3rd boy he chose to give us! Our lives are better with him in it, and we can't imagine it any other way!  Happy birthday, Joel David!