Friday, March 22, 2013

The latest, but not the greatest...

Not to hammer this whole thing into the ground, but Mark`s health IS kind  of preoccupying our lives these days.  So, I'm posting a little update in the most concise way I can.

Mark's MRI on the 13th was excruciatingly difficult. There were two big worries going into this test.
1.  Mark hadn't been able to lay down at all for a couple months, so how was he going to lay down for the MRI?
2. He had a cold and had been coughing, coughing, coughing. The technician told him that if he coughed during the test, they'd have to start over.

How God answered the many prayers people prayed:
1.  He took some kind of powerful muscle relaxer that made it possible for him to lay flat...for the duration of the one-hour test.  It was horrible for him, but he did it!
2.  He coughed only ONE time during the whole thing!  Miracle!

He found out the results this week, and he could not have been more surprised.  He was thinking that it would just confirm the arthritis diagnosis and show the doctor where he most needed the Cortisone. But, oh no!  He also has a HUGE herniated disk!  No wonder he's been so absolutely miserable!  Poor, poor Mark.

He's discouraged, as is to be expected.  But he sure doesn't complain much.  Sometimes I want to tell everyone around us, how bad he's feeling because he never will, and I think people should know and feel bad for him and mollycoddle him :) But mollycoddlin' that's MY job, isn't it?

Monday he gets a four-hour cortisone infusion.  That should make him very happy.

Here's to hoping the next mention on this blog of Mark's health will be about his amazing improvement!