Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 Good Things

We're kind of wearing thin over here.

Mark's pain has not diminished too much.  On top of already not sleeping well, still not being able to lie down, and enduring constant pain in his lower back and legs, he got a cold a couple days ago.  What's the big deal about that?  With every cough (and there are a lot of these) and sneeze, his suffering is multiplied as extra pressure pushes against his sciatic nerve.

Mark's mom is in the hospital again.  She's not been taking her Parkinsons medication, for one, which is causing a lot of problems.  Then they discovered that she was losing blood (but can't figure out where) and needed a transfusion.  It's been decided that she cannot live alone anymore.  She's gonna love that, when she finds out!

Yesterday morning when I was getting up to go out for a run, I heard Sam lumbering up the stairs.  He'd not been able to sleep much in the night and then had gotten sick just moments before coming to find me.  He spent the day in bed.  

Oh, and our pets' heads are falling off too!

At supper, we were a gloomy, forlorn little lot sitting around the table.  We needed to refocus.  "3 good things!" I said.

And here they are:


1.  Lanxui brought us flowers (there they are on the table! beautiful!)
2.  Sarah made us supper!
3.  We're sick now, so we'll feel better later.


1.  I only have one more day until my MRI (and hopefully a Cortisone shot)
2.  I have a very nice wife who took my class today.
3.  Our small group is being very kind to us this week.


1.  I'm going to be able to get my friends' (D and N) phone #.
2.  The snow is melting because it's raining.
3.  Soon we can play basketball every day.


1.  I finished my homework early today.
2.  I picked C.S. Lewis for my famous person project
3.  I walked home with RaphaĆ«l today


1.  Grandpa and Grandma sent us a check in the mail and told us to get a pizza!
2.  Joel wore a box on his head during supper and it reminded me of Little Bear
3.  This memory:  Dan saved the day and sang Arise My Love at our wedding when my friend canceled at       the last minute.