Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little of this, a little of that...

1.  Humans, especially ones who are in positions of leadership and are guiding children, have disappointed me this week.  Did you see the video of the coach who tripped an opposing 13-year old player after a game which resulted in a broken wrist for the poor kid?   On Friday night, Sam's basketball team was losing by such a wide margin at half-time, that their coach just stopped coaching.  He sat on the bench, called the substitutes, and sulked for the rest of the game.

2.  But, I was happy to be reminded after watching this touching, inspiring video that there are still solid role-models out there in the world.  Grab some Kleenex, gather some tender-hearted, malleable souls around you and watch.  I promise you won't be sorry.

3.  I stopped drinking coffee for the Lenten season.  This is harder on me than I wish to admit.  I'm over the withdrawal symptoms, but I still think about it all the time.  We are breaking from water-only drinks on Sundays.  So last night, I told Mark that I was going to stay up until midnight so I could make a cup of coffee. What is wrong with me? I totally didn't make it til midnight.  When I woke up this morning I took some pictures out our bedroom window (more on that in a minute), took a shower, got dressed, and started putting on my make-up.  All of a sudden, I jumped with the realization that it was COFFEE DAY, stopped right then and there and ran down to the kitchen to make a pot.  I'm glad it wasn't the first thing I thought of when I awoke.  It wasn't even the 15th thing. But how was it that I was awake for a good hour before I remembered?  Maybe it's progress!

4.  Look at what I saw when I woke up this morning.  Sometimes I cannot deal with the beauty.  Seriously.

5.  Our church does not have enough teens in it to have a regular youth group meeting (although that could be changing as we now have a handful of teens).  Sam has felt so isolated in his faith, going it alone at a public school.  He does have one Christian friend in his class and recently started attending the youth meetings at her church with her.  He couldn't be happier.  He loves the leaders and says the kids are so friendly and welcoming, which is quite contrary to the experience he had a couple years ago when he tried to join up with another group. I thank the Lord for Madeleine and for this opportunity for him.

6.  Speaking of Sam, he's gotten three of his friends hooked on some Christian bands (Thousand Foot Krutch, Sanctus Real, and Skillet).  The other day his friend, Charles, informed him that Skillet had just released a new album. This kind of tickled Sam.

7.  Jack said this morning, "Man, I hate waiting for authors to write another book!"

8.  I made a new playlist for March. I'm not particularly good at making my playlists cohesive.  If you feel like taking a listen to my schizophrenic collection, you can, over in the right sidebar.
9.  Joel gave me a couple good laughs this morning.  On the way to our Sunday church gathering, I was rummaging around in my purse for my phone.  Sensing the potential danger of this behavior, Joel said, "Let me do it, Mom."  I was about to hand it to him when I realized I had caught one of the straps in my seat belt  because I'm cool like that.  I told him to wait til we got to the next light.  When we did, I unbuckled my seat belt to free my bag and started looking myself.  Again, he offered.  I said, "I don't think I want you rifling through my purse."  "But Mom, it's for a good cause!"

10.  A few minutes later, the lady in front of us, opened her door and spit in the street.  "Ewww, I could have gone all morning without seeing that," I said.  Joel added, "Why don't people just swallow their spit?  It'd be a whole better world!"

11.  We had a special Sunday morning with our church today.  It was our annual business meeting, but unlike most I've ever attended, ours is filled with celebration as we look back on the past year and see what God has done.  Feels more party-ish than business-ish.  I absolutely love these days.  But we got home quite late, me a little behind the rest of the family who had tired of waiting for me (plus Mark was really suffering this morning).  Not long after I walked in the door, ready to relax a little, Joel says, "I can't wait for Bernado's party tomorrow!"  At which time I yelled out, "Oh no!  His party is right now!"  15 minutes from then, to be exact!  I had written it on the calender, I had posted the invitation on the refrigerator, and yet it had completely slipped my mind.  We didn't even have a gift yet.  He and I jumped in the car, drove as fast as the law would allow, ran pell-mell through Walmart's parking lot jumping over an handful of puddles, tore through the crowds of people straight for the toy section, chose a Beyblade (I don't know either!), skirted back through the card aisle, grabbed some tissue paper and a Superman gift bag, and then caught our breath in the checkout lane where we waited and waited.  We arrived at the Carie Factory (Cavity Factory does not sound like a place I should be sending my kid...and I hope there is a dentist office close-by--next door would be ideal!)  where the party was held, a mere 30 minutes late.  I would have cried real live tears, had he missed this.  We still don't know why he thought the party was Monday, nor why he thought to mention it then, but whew!  All's well that ends well!
when I saw Joel's sweaty head, I didn't need to ask if he had fun!

12.  A big thank you to my kind friends who have left beautiful comments on this blog or have written us loving emails in the last couple days, regarding Mark's diagnosis.  I cherish these consoling words.  They mean more than we can express.

13.  The kids have this week off school.  So we are staying up a bit later than usual to watch the first 2 hours of The Bible miniseries.