Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bad news with a silver lining

Mark was diagnosed last Thursday with Psoriatic Arthritis. The inflammation in his pelvic area* was (and is) pressing against his sciatic nerve causing a ridiculous amount of pain.  There is no cure for this arthritis, but it is controllable with medication and (although the doctor did not mention this) diet.  While this news is not happy, we do find joy in the way God works.

In a place where getting a doctor's appointment, tests ordered, and treatments started is usually a LONG process, all of that happened very quickly for Mark.

Remember Gaël, Sam's friend who came to the States with us last summer?  Since that trip, we have become friends with his family.  At our Superbowl party Gaël's dad saw Mark hobbling around a bit and asked him what was wrong.  When Mark explained, he said he would see if his wife could get him into her office.  I might mention that both P and A-L are doctors.  P is a cardiologist and A-L is a pediatric rheumatologist.  She called the very next day and made an appointment with him.  This, in itself, is miraculous.  She ordered a slew of tests, which all indicated the arthritis.  She has already started him on a treatment and will be following up with him regularly.

How grateful we are for medicine, for doctors, for friends, for miracles and Super Bowl parties!

*Mark asked me to change "pelvic area" to "pelvic joints"...he thinks pelvic area is a little weird.  It's true...but this really made me laugh.