Sunday, February 17, 2013

The beauty and the ugly of our weekend

The beauty...

Sam's 16th birthday:  
celebrating, honoring this big kid of ours.

Anticipation of a date with Mark:  
circumstances out of our control made it not happen, 
but looking forward to it was nice, and there's always the next time.

A love-note from Sam to Joel:
Joel, like Charlie Brown, got no Valentine's Day cards at school, 
but his brother wrote him a letter to top the charts

Laughter and the sillies with J and J:  
dancing and Blub and tries at walking down fake basements stairs

Worship-time on Sunday morning:  
a beautiful combination of talented musicians led us, and the fact that
Sam played his ukulele for the first time (in public) was the cherry on the top

A cuddle with a sleeping beauty:
Baby Daphné fell asleep on me during Sunday lunch--
a gift I cherished much more than I can say.

Sunday afternoon and evening with Julieth:
she's just such a joy to be around, and we love having her in our lives.

The ugly...

a hit and run:
we woke Saturday morning to find our car had been hit in the night

slow or busy police department:
we called around 10:00 Saturday morning 
and they made an "appointment" to come look at it at 2:00 Sunday afternoon
at least they came!

Mark's poor, poor aching back:
no relief in sight, but he can sleep (sitting up) and for that we are grateful

Writing this tonight made me think of a story I heard once from a woman who had had miscarriage after miscarriage and even a failed adoption.  In her sorrow, she realized that the hard times were making her more and more like Jesus.  When that thought dawned on her, she said, "Bring it on!"  

Our problems are not to be compared with this dear woman's heart-wrenching disappointment, nor are we brave enough to say we want more, but we are aware that in this world we will have trouble.  
And we are glad it is for just a moment, and that we never have to go through it alone!

And we are grateful for the beauty AND 
we praise Jesus even in the ugly.