Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pictures and Memories from our Billington/Ernst/Kanost Christmas

+++The schedule for our relatively quiet New Year's Eve @ home
7:30  Play Zilch
8:00  Watch an episode of Duck Dynasty
8:30  Go outside and do a couple experiments...come back and have a bowl of ice cream
9:00  Play "Tell the Elf"
9:30  Listen to comedian, Jim Gaffigan
10:00  Sing worship songs and listen to Uncle Mark/Dad read the Bible, pray together

We were kind of party poopers and decided that we did not need to stay up until 12:00.  The kids were none too happy about being in bed at 11:00 on New Year's Eve, let me tell you.

Other things on my list for the evening that we did not get to...
*Go to a separate spot and write down goals for the next year/come back together and share a couple of yours
*Skype with Rich, Aracely and Noelani
*Kids run up and down the stairs 5 times and then listen to Aunt Jill/Mom read a story

+++We had a very good, all day snow storm on the 27th.

+++I got to watch the Painted Veil AGAIN with the other adults one night.  It's one of my all-time favorites! Sorry, it's so sad, Gwen and Ruth Anne, but it has to end like that.  Really, it does!

+++Claire asked Gwen one day, "Mom, can I get a jar and fill it with snow and take it to school and show it to my class?"  This most precious question unexpectedly brought tears to my eyes.

+++One day after being out in the cold for quite some time, Claire said on the way home, "When we get home, I'm going to...(I thought she'd say something like curl up with a blanket or drink hot chocolate) go outside and play in the snow!"

+++We made pizza together and added to the mayhem by Skyping with Dan and my parents at the same time.  We may be stupid, but we sure are honest!!

+++I took the kids sledding one day

+++It wasn't all fun and games...the kids had some work to do (reading, journaling, report on Quebec, story) over the break.  These were NOT their favorite times.

+++Lydia helped me make blueberry waffles one morning.  I love her sleepy morning look here!

looks like my mom would be proud of me for being such a neat cook...
alas! it is a lie!
+++I came home one morning after dropping Sam off at basketball practice to see the kids paired up like this:  Claire and Jack playing dominoes, Joel and Lydia making fortune tellers

+++We had poutine at Pat Retro
+++Fondue with children is not chaotic enough, so I tried to burn down the house by filling the fuel burner too full.  Those 3-5 minutes of drama and an actual fire on the TABLE, I could have done without.  No one was hurt, thankfully  and we finally settled down after a few adjustments and enjoyed our meal.  All's well that ends well.

+++The girls did a lot of drawing and note-writing.  I got quite a few sweet drawings from Claire.  One day she was busy at the table and asked me if my teeth were gray.  "Nope!" I said.  With a gray colored pencil in her hand, she said, "Well, that's what color I'm making them."

+++After our Sunday morning gathering, Ruth Anne treated us to a Chinese buffet.  SO GOOD!

It was such a nice, nice time.  Thanks for coming, Ruth Anne, Gwen, Jake, Lydia, and Claire!!