Saturday, December 22, 2012

december 22 *JOY* alert

I feel like going caroling with friends tonight.  

People don't do that here, so I guess I won't.  

Wouldn't it be fun to go with these guys?  Anyway, I can pretend...and pretending is...JOY!

december 21 *JOY* alert

It's officially Christmas break!  That's something to get excited about!

We had another snow storm Thursday night, and there was a strong possibility that there wouldn't be any school the next day.  What a hilarious (to me) conversation we all had that night before bed.  I remembered how I had prayed with the kids on Monday night that there would be no school the next day, and now just three days later one littlest boy was having a canary that school might be canceled and that there would be no Christmas pajama party.

When I woke him up in the morning saying there was school, he leaped right out of bed with a huge "YES!" What a difference a party makes!
It was quite the storm, but unlike Tuesday, we all had things to do out in the world. 

 And at the end of the day, after an end-of-semester exam, a couple parties, a chiropractic appointment, a lunch date, a few hours of cleaning at a friend's place, we all gathered together safe and sound, for a great hamburger supper. We talked with Little Grandma on the phone and played Memory. Then we watched Diary of  Wimpy Kid 3 and laughed and laughed.

           It was cozy and warm and delightful inside with the wind and the snow wild outside.  Perfect!