Thursday, December 20, 2012

december 20 *JOY* alert

Our small group this year is such a JOY to us.  

We are a motley bunch.  
Here's the run-down
1 Cuban
9 Colombians
6 Americans
2 Québécois

We eat together every Wednesday night which has encouraged some fast friendships.  And there is a lot of love and laughter, tears and hugs, honesty and vulnerability.  We so look forward to Wednesday nights!  It`s the highlight of our week.

Last night we revealed "Secret Santas"...a gift-giving game that lasted three weeks.  What a fun time we had trying to guess who had given what, planning our next surprise, laughing at people who weren't very subtle. 
 I think we should do it again in January.

And we ate cake to celebrate this girl's end-of-her-MBA studies!  
She lit candles and set off the smoke detector!
 Bea was in Mark and my first French class way back a hundred years ago.  She's very special to us.
 This is her darling, Santiago!  We kinda like him, too.
 Sam and Alejandra
 blurry, but too cute...Freddy laughing admiringly at his sweet wife, Johana, who was trying to tell me she didn't look good (whatever!)
 Jorge and Liliana
 and their adorable daughter, Julieth
I'm missing some people, but I needed to share what a big part these dear ones play in our lives and how grateful we are to belong to each other.