Tuesday, December 18, 2012

december 18 *JOY* alert

Hallelujah for a SNOW DAY!

 there were puzzles and the building of a fort with a neighbor...

 a trip for me to the grocery store before the storm picked up...
 time to work out our family`s evacuation plan in case of a fire (this was instigated by Joel who had had a visit from a fireman in his class last week) which made for some fun and funny moments...
 a fun phone call to my parents
 a spur-of-the-moment decision to recover our embarrassingly dirty dining room chairs (I sure appreciated Joel`s help AND his tools!)
more outdoor fun and The Hobbit for Sam and Mark with some friends!

It was a much needed and happy break from our regular routine.  

december 18 *JOY* alert

A snow storm...50 cm expected by Wednesday!

New music...

Going to bed before 9:30 with a book!