Friday, December 14, 2012

december 13 *JOY* alert

1:54:  Wow!  When I wrote this post, I was completely unaware of the school shooting in Connecticut.  I'm sick with sadness.  My heart is breaking for these parents and family members.  I also know that I'm even more ashamed of the way I was with my boys yesterday.  I feel like going to school right now and bringing them home...forever!

I didn't win any good mother awards yesterday.  I was snippy and impatient.  I was some other things too, but I'm not willing to air ALL my dirty laundry!

So let me brag about Mark just a little, because his attitude and behavior was in direct contrast to mine, bringing me joy (but not until  the tail end of the day because I was too fogged up to see it).

These are just a few of the things he did/was for me yesterday

1.  As he was heading down to Old Quebec to teach a class, he called me to say he was seeing beautiful things on his way and that I might want to make a detour on my way to a friend's apartment and take some pictures.  I appreciate the way he knows me.

2.  He offered to make supper so that I could finish a project.  (Maybe because he thought that being in the mood in which I was, I might poison us all?)

3.  He surprised me by folding all the laundry that I was dreading to fold.

4.  Jack had an important oral presentation today.  We had great intentions of working on it every night this week so that last night would not be a rush.  And we did work together on it...but not enough.  The time-crunch put Jack into a tizzy and added pressure to the already delicate situation.  One of us was not very kind and one of us was cool as a cucumber and spent a very long time listening to Jack do his presentation over and over and over until he had it!

5.  When we were finally ready for bed much later than we should have been, we laid together on the bed and looked at my pictures I had taken and some others quite unrelated.  The time we spent together chatting and looking at the photos was the key to my exiting Grumpyville.

Thanks, Mark!