Wednesday, December 12, 2012

december 12 *JOY* alert

Short and sweet.  

After everyone in our small group had left our house tonight, and after I had cozied up to Jack in his bed and chatted a bit about his BIG day, I  put on my favorite podcast and got to cleaning up the big kitchen mess our group made.  On the podcast, they played the following:

and it was one of the cutest, sweetest things I've EVER heard.  If I could, I'd squish these girls so hard.

It was a HUGE joy producer!


Happy Birthday from Jack Black to our Jack:

12 years old

Dear Jack,

It's a special day today--your 12th birthday!

Twelve years ago we knew you were a boy, but that is all we knew.  

We didn't know about your red hair or your kind spirit.  We didn't know you'd be such a great brother.  We didn't know you'd be a voracious reader and that you'd beg us many nights to let you stay up past your normal bedtime so you could read.  We didn't know you'd be tall and be an awesome basketball player!  We didn't know you'd love science and figuring out how things work.  We didn't know you'd love music and play the banjo and piano.  We didn't know you'd always be the one to let someone go before you or that you would always let your brothers have the biggest piece.  We didn't know you'd be the one looking out for the lonely or bullied.   

But we loved you right from the start and we were so glad you were joining our family.  

I pray this next year will be filled with happy moments, a lot of growing and learning, and that you'll have at least ONE adventure! :)

Always remember that you are loved and accepted and welcomed by the God of the universe and that your family loves you more than all the stars in the sky.  

I'm so glad you were born! You will always be my favorite redhead!

I love you!