Tuesday, December 11, 2012

december 11 *JOY* alert

Today I have a list of joys

1.  I got a nice long early morning email from one of my favorite people.  Thanks, K!

2.  When I was driving home from my grocery-getting morning, I came upon Jack and Joel who were walking home for lunch.  They were side by side, talking, smiling.  There was even a moment when Joel's arm went around Jack's back.  They had no idea that I was watching them.  It really touched me to know they have each other and that they (usually) enjoy one another.

3.  The ice on the trees and the afternoon sun made a lovely sight.
4.  I met with Jack's teacher last week so we could talk through some ideas for helping Jack get organized.  I proposed that I come over one afternoon after school and help him clean up and organize his desk.  That was today.  The goal was to do it together, but he needed to run down to the office and exchange his basketball jersey, so I just got started on my own.  While I was piling all his books on the top of his neighbors desk, I uncovered a Christmas present for me--a coupon. Jack had written on it, "I'll clean up your room twice a week."  Okay, this little bit of irony has had me smiling since.

5.  My parents have been in PNG for the last four months and left there yesterday.  I got an email from them this afternoon saying they made it home to Indianapolis!  That's good news.

6.  Mark and the boys came home from Jack's basketball game all hyped up.  Jack scored 24 points.  And the praise from his brothers was lavish.

7.  Our pork-tenderloin-with-rosemary-and roasted-carrots-and-potatoes supper was delicious and so was the conversation tonight.

8.  I just went in to the kitchen to get some coffee.  Sam is sitting at the table doing homework.  He asked me, "What do you have tomorrow, Mom?"  I'm not sure I can explain why this question warmed my heart, but it sure did.

The end!