Monday, December 10, 2012

december 10 *JOY* alert

I sit here on the family room floor beside a big pile of junk. From where I am, I can see marbles, pencils, a few Legos, broken bits of cars and trucks, balls...  It looks like an episode of Hoarders.

I've been de-cluttering today, and I'm down to the odds and ends that probably just need to be thrown away, but I'm fearful of missing some important treasure or a necessary part of a game.  

Right as I was in the thick of things down here in our storage room, I had to pack up Jack and Joel and get to the school for a basketball game.  Joel still had homework to do so we grabbed his backpack. We had snow this morning and then freezing rain all afternoon so we had to practically chisel the ice off the windows.  I'm still not feeling that hot so I most definitely was not in my best mood.  To top it off, after we slid all the way to school and pulled into the parking lot, Jack said, "I don't have my basketball shoes!"  Thankfully, he had another pair in his "locker", so he just used those.

And then for the next hour and half, God blessed me with little moments of peace, a couple deep breaths of soul-cleansing air.

1::  This is the mural that stands in the hallway right before entering the gym doors.  I've seen it before, but this time, Joel and I took the time to really LOOK at it and appreciate it.  Each kid in the school painted a tile with their own portrait.  I think it is so happy!

I typed Jack and Joel's names under their artwork!

2::  And Jack has really been playing well this year.  It's fun to watch him be a completely different person when he's out there on the court.  Usually he's so sensitive and kind of shy.  He's none of those things during a game!

These are not my pictures.  I wish they were.

3:: It's such happiness for me that my boys can read and write in two languages.  I never get tired of listening to them speak French and I'm wowed by how easy it seems to be for them.  I listened to Joel read a bit and he corrected his dictée while we waited for the game to start.
The "B" is for bien!