Friday, December 7, 2012

december 7 *JOY* alert

Plan A
The original idea for the evening, planned last Sunday, was that I would take Jack and Joel and four girls from church over to our friend, Anne's place to spend time with her playing games, making cookies, and decorating her apartment.  Sam had a basketball game, so Mark would go with him.

Plan B
This morning, I found out that Anne was sick and didn't feel up to us coming over.  I thought we'd just have the group at our house.  We'd make and decorate cookies to take to friends and neighbors.  It's not what we  were expecting to do and the boys were especially disappointed, but hey, these things happen.

Plan C
Around 5:00 tonight after all the arrangements had been made for the change of plans, two of the girls' dad called and asked if we could just postpone our fun.  He said it was because of some logistical problem getting the girls here, but I think they were saving me (and maybe themselves) in the process.  See, today I'm not feeling well either and there was no hiding that on the phone.  I've practically no voice left.  I sound pretty pitiful.  So when plan B didn't pan out, we all decided to go to Sam's bb game.  Mark left about an hour early with Sam and the boys and I would follow around 8:00 for the start of the game.  

After Mark and Sam left, I was washing up the dishes when Joel asked if he could read a funny page to me from the book he was reading.  I left my dirty dishes and sat down with him in the living room.  He ran off a couple minutes later, and I sat there with my feet up on my grandmother's cedar chest (our coffee table) in no hurry to get back to those dishes.  My mind wandered to the contents of the cedar chest--a whole bunch of letters and old journals of mine.  I pushed up the lid and rummaged around for a bit, reading this and that, smiling some, wincing some.  Just as it was time to leave, I found a piece of notebook paper with a poem on it that I received sometime in my teen years.  I'm not even sure which boy wrote me this (although I have an inkling), but it sure brightened up my night.  

Here's the smile-inducing poem:
Jilly Jingle
Oh, Jill
I've had my fill
of missing your letters
so I'd guess you'd better
Buy a quill
Not a dentist's drill
they set my teeth a'smoke
besides, I'm feeling broke
Send a dollar bill
Or a barbecue grill
to fry me up some fish
satisfy my wish
If I don't spill
Catsup on an ell gill
that would make me sick
call a doctor quick
I'm ill
Give me a pill
but I'd rather die from that
than from one of your cat-like
Looks that kill
Put me through a treadmill
or you open up your mouth
the laugh that cannons out
Is shrill
ripping rock and rill
from the very ground
but I long to be around
You still
So won't you meet me on the hill
we can amble through the valley
maybe dilly-dally
I regain the thrill
of being with my silly
drive me willy-nilly

JOY for having options when plans get changed and JOY for memories and for keeping them forever.

PS  the dishes got done sometime around 10:30!