Thursday, December 6, 2012

december 6 *JOY* alert

Well, that secret project that I talked about on the 4th?  I finished it today.  It was a surprise for Mark, and he was out of town for the last three days.  Last night I wasn't even close to being done so I stayed up until nearly 3 a.m. and got it finished.

Now to be honest, it wasn't necessarily the end product that was the present for Mark.  It was something that I've been wanting for quite some time.  The real gift was that he didn't have to do it!  He didn't have to go to fortyeleven hardware stores.  He didn't have to measure or drill or paint or plan.

After some good advice and encouragement from a couple guys in our small group last night, I believed I had it in me to start putting holes in the wall. After everyone left and the kids had gone to bed, I measured and took a deep breath, and I pre-drilled 42 holes.  Then I screwed in 42 dry-wall anchors and 42 screws by hand (because I didn't know how to use the drill as a screwdriver).

Mark drove in around 6 this morning so I actually had 3 hours to spare (or to sleep!)  He was glad, but the real joy was listening to my boys get excited about these bookshelves.  Tonight we loaded them up with our books that have been stored in boxes or have been in various bookshelves placed around the house.

My hand is red and blistered, but I'm tickled pink!