Tuesday, December 4, 2012

december 4 *JOY* alert

I'm working on a secret project.  That meant a trip to the hardware store today...actually, three hardware stores with return trips to two of the three!

I really don't know what I'm doing, so I'm kind of cracking myself up!

I'm afraid to ask questions because it might lead the "helper" to ask ME a question...and I most likely won't know the answer.  So I just wander around and try to help myself in these situations.  I stand and stare a lot, trying to visualize what something will look like or how I'm actually going to pull it off.

At the third store, there was a man pondering over the same item I was.  So I made a comparison comment about the prices at the other two stores.  He was so kind  in his response that I actually dared to ask a few questions that had arisen since I had started my research.  He answered me without laughing and even led me a few aisles over to show me something my project would require that I hadn't even thought of.

He didn't need to do that.  He had his own list to fill.  But he did.  And it warmed my heart.

The kindness of strangers... JOY!


When my teenage son likes MY music!  Today when I came home from the store, I heard Sam playing this song by the Weepies on his guitar (he stayed home from school because he was sick and slept most of the morning).  That's pretty cool.