Monday, December 3, 2012

december 3 *JOY* alert

I have some good ladies in my life.  Today I spent time with two of them.

This morning I went to breakfast with Barb, my co-worker and friend.  What a power-house of wisdom she is!  And what an example to me of a generous life!  It was a lovely morning--a good heart-to-heart chat with a cup (or four) of coffee.

Then this afternoon, my dear sweet NoĆ«lla came over.  We made two different kinds of cookies for Christmas, all the while each practicing the language in which we are less proficient, laughing, and drinking,  She`s lived a very hard 73 years of life, but she hasn't let that harden or embitter her. What a treasure she is!
Two gifts like this in one's almost too much to handle!