Sunday, December 2, 2012

december 2 *JOY * alert

Mark and Sam left home this morning before 7:00, so it was just Jack, Joel, and I piling into the van around 9:30 with Bibles, shoes, camera, tripod, materials for my SS class, and a basket-full of other people's things I needed to return.

"Can I put my MP3 on, Mom?" says Joel.
"No, I've got my iPod.  And I called it!"  This from Jack.
"No, I called it," I say, as I swish the snow off the windshield with the wipers, click in my seat-belt and back out the driveway.  I plug my phone into the car stereo.  And even though I called it (I haven't said this since I was 10, and it felt great!),  I still get requests from the backseat.  One wants Christmas music.  One wants worship songs.  "Hmmm," I say, thinking if I have anything that would fit both criteria.  And then Joel says, "I like that Gungor song you played for Dad the other day."  I can't think what he could be talking about and then I say, "Oh! This is my Father's World! Yeah, that's a great choice!"

And so we listen to it all the way to the Centre Brulart where our church meets for services.  We listen and we sing along.   Three times.

The following words brought me joy this morning:

This is my Father's world
Why should my heart be sad?
The Lord is King, let the heavens ring
God reigns, let the earth be GLAD!"

I'm grateful for music and the power of words--words written over 100 years ago that still pack a mighty punch!