Monday, October 29, 2012

Snapshots of our recent life

On a day off from school, I asked the boys to plan the supper menu, list what ingredients we needed, and actually make the meal.  Here they are discussing recipes and trying to decide.  Even though it's not a great picture, I love the way Joel is looking at Sam.  I see that look of admiration a lot!
That same morning Sam discovered that he had a basketball referee training AND a practice in the afternoon.  He had been so happy to have the whole day at home to study and relax, but knowing he had so much less time, made him pretty bent out of shape.  I found these little people frames with pictures of two of his friends from birth still in them.  I thought maybe having them close would cheer him up.  They did, too.  Well, at least they made him smile for a split-second.
Jack took an entrance test for a special international program he hopes to be in next year.  Here he's taking a practice test a few days before.  Carla, this one is for you!! :)
We have friends who had to work all day Saturday.  I didn't want their 12-year old daughter, Gabriella, to have to be alone all day. I went and picked her up in the afternoon so she could have some friends to hang out with.  Olivier, in the center, is a friend and a neighbor.  I love their intensity here!