Friday, October 12, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday was Thanksgiving.  Quebeckers don't celebrate like the rest of Canada does.  Basically it's just a day off from school and work.  Even the grocery stores are open.

So we gathered a group of friends (there were 23 of us all together) and went to Mount Ste-Anne for the day.  First we ate lunch that each person had contributed to, and then we started the 2.5 hour climb to the top.  Mark and the boys had climbed it last year, but it was my very first time.  What I kept thinking during the ascent was, "Joel made it all the way to the top when he was SIX?"

The only thing that we were lacking in order to have had the perfect day was Sam's presence.  His football injury kept him back in Quebec City with Gaël, doing homework all day.
this couple and their kids arrived here from Colombia in recent months

Gab and Jérôme
Gabriella sees snow for the first time in her life

Nazaire, Lanxui, Emma, and Alicia
Mark takes in the view from the top
the boys with a couple friends

Joel and I picked a different trail down than everyone else.  It was a big steep mistake, but we had fun and made memories.
I can`t wait to go back!

I'm ready for this to be over

While I love that my boys love sports and while I enjoy watching them take great pleasure in playing sports, I am ready for the 2012 Rochebelle football season to end.

Sam keeps getting hurt.  First, it was his hand.  He had to have it x-rayed.  Then he hurt his upper thigh and limped around and moaned quietly every time he moved wrong.  After that, the back of his knee (or his leg-pit, as Joel would say) was victimized.  (a little aside here:  He told us that his coach said after checking his knee that it was just a "clackage" and that it'd be okay soon enough. "So what's a claquage?" I wanted to know.  Sam shrugged and said, "I don't know!")

Sunday's game was at 1:00.  Mark and the boys made it in time to see the beginning, but I got there late.  When I arrived,  I saw all the players on the field down on one knee and I guessed that someone was hurt. I couldn`t see well, but as I got closer, I could see it was a Rochebelle player. Then he stood up, people clapped, and I hear the announcer say, "Sam Billington #85".  That was my welcome!

He spent most of the game on a picnic bench with a sprained ankle and has spent the week watching the practices from the sidelines.

My dear #85, this is about as much as I can take.  Would you  possibly consider swimming next year?

 I snatched this photo from someone's FB.  Apparently, this was when the ankle-twisting happened.
 At least they won!