Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Retreat

We went away as a church family for 24 hours of rest, play, study and good eating.

It's so much work to get ready for a little time away and so much work getting everything clean and put back in its home, that sometimes I don't even want to think about going.

But this time, all the work was so totally worth it

10 things they are loving right now

Sam (15)
My room
Walk off the Earth
Ed Sheeran
Playing the guitar
Monk on Sunday nights
Having nothing after school on Tuesdays
Watching Hill Street Blues with Dad
My Science teacher
Going to bed at the end of the day
Not having braces for the moment

Jack (11)
The weekends
The leaves
The sun shining
Playing with friends
Listening to Odyssey
Writing this list
Artemis Fowl
Calling my Mom "Mother"
Grace and Love by Kutless
The Last Apprentice

Joel (7)
Legpit, armpit, and neck farts
Uncle Dan
My room
Sam, my football brother
My bike
Losing the crummy car 

Who took this photo?

Sam played hard and brave at Friday night's game.  He had one bad play and someone captured it in the seconds after and then posted it on Facebook 

Sam’s comment:  thanks for the good memory.

His friend, Herve wrote:  Sam, the ball is not a pillow and it`s not safe to sleep on the field.