Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then I'm guessing 28 pictures are worth 28,000 words.  Which is really good news for me because I don't have a lot to say.  Keeping the memories alive visually is about all I can handle right now anyway.  So here's the last couple of weeks at our place.
This came in the mail for us.  Mark and I started reading it this summer, but it was a library book and we had to return it before we finished it.  It needs to be in our possession anyway, so it's all good.  I cannot recommend this book TOO much.  We wish we had had it 15 years ago.
These boys sure love hanging out together.
Football started up again.  Sam is wide receiver and that means he's responsible for the two or three heart attacks I experience each game. I really hate watching him get pounded by guys twice his size.

Here are his most faithful cheerleaders!  If Sam drops the ball, it's never his fault.  Never.  This charms the socks off me!
This is Gaƫl's sister, Matilde
A positive of the horrible game of football:  cuddling to stay warm!

We recently moved Sam to the basement, to the room that was Mark's office.  First, we painted (Colt's blue and gray) and did a LOT of cleaning.  He's happy with more space and more privacy.  And Mark loves his new, brighter, smaller work space. 
The other day I tried something new...cream of beet soup.  I don't believe I'd ever cooked beets before.  I'm giddy over the lovely color.  I do have to say, however, that the onions I bought last week are incredibly potent.  Whoever is in the house at the time of cooking, experiences a burning of the eyes.  It's really something!  Has anyone ever heard of this happening or experienced it?

Joel loves drawing.  I notice in these 28 pictures how often he's wearing this Colts' get-up.  He puts it on OFTEN, and I think he would live in it if I'd let him.

Joel, Jack, and I went down to the St. Lawrence last Friday to read together.  It's a special place for us.  It was way too windy and cold (esp. for Joel who was wearing shorts) so we moved farther from the water, found a bench, and kept reading.
Joel loves playing with the neighborhood boys.  We are so glad for the number of kids right in our cul-de-sac.

One night before school started, we took some friends home after a long day together.  When we arrived home, this is how we found Joel in the back seat.  It was seriously the cutest thing I've seen in forever!

The boys won the war of how their room will be decorated.  I finally threw in the white flag and let them hang countless posters on every free space of wall.  Bye-bye to all those magazine pictures of boys' bedrooms that were stored up in my brain and on my computer.
The dress-up box in our basement is hands-down the favorite thing we have here.  And when friends come over, they love it too.  This cracks me up!

Look!  Even the 15-year-olds like the dress-up box.  They had me laughing so hard, it was difficult to hold the camera.  And then they went over to a teacher's house (a neighbor) to sing for him.  This is a story for another day.
Mom, this one is for you.
One Saturday, Mark and the boys worked on bettering the shed.

At this night game, I was blown away by the scenery as we watched the sun go down over the city.  The fans pictured above:  a group of Sam's friends.  They were sometimes more interesting than the game.

An ugly spider that made it's home on our beloved Honda Odyssey, which we just gave away to the Kidney Foundation.  And now we need another car. 
Mums!  I love this color.  I bought a plant that looked horrible (for 50% off) and nursed it back to health.  They are such a lovely accent for the front step.
Jack reads like there's no tomorrow.  Here he tries to get another page read while waiting for Joel.

The boys working on their memory verse before our Sunday gathering.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  Don't know where they learned that.

And that brings me to the end of the August/September Pictorial Guide to Billington Life.