Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What has these boys laughing?

It's our favorite Odyssey episode ever, during breakfast on a relaxed no-school morning. 

Apropos of nothing...

When it was over, Sam and Jack left the table...and Joel with his oatmeal.
And then it was only ME who was laughing!

Good-bye, Summer!

I know I said in my previous post that the kids started school, but in my opinion, summer was not officially over around here until today.  The boys had two days of school and then they were off for the weekend + labor day + election day.

NOW it's going to be for reals!

We had a great weekend, which, I think,  is a nice way to end our favorite season.  Here's what made it nice:
hard work on Saturday morning
family roller blade/bicycle trip to the high school track to play football and to skate
supper Saturday night with friends
early breakfast for me with E on Sunday morning before our church gathering
Sunday afternoon coffee at friends' (and meeting another couple, too)
the boys' friends here on Sunday night for pizza and a fire
a Monday morning brunch at Tuscano's for the B's
a day-trip to St-Jean-Port-Joli
dessert at John and Abi's on Monday night

Hello, Fall!