Wednesday, August 29, 2012


If a music-loving dad shares a very cool cover of Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk Off the Earth with his music-loving son, he'll probably listen to it 1000 times.

If he listens to it 1000 times, he'll most likely look for other stuff on Youtube that Walk Off the Earth has done, like...this or this or this or this or this.

If that son finds all those cool videos, he might just listen to those over and over as well.

After listening and watching Walk Off the Earth for months, he just might think that a ukulele looks like a lot of fun to play and might think about someday owning one.

And if he thinks about having one of his own, he will probably need some help to find just the right one.

If he needs some help in choosing the right ukelele, he will naturally believe that the very ones that inspired him might be the place to start to ask for a recommendation.

So if Zach is nice enough to answer the boy, he will most likely take the recommendation and then will spend a lot of time searching online for the best price on a Fender Uke.

If he spends a lot of time looking, he will be glad to finally settle on ordering one from Amazon.

And if he orders his ukelele from Amazon, he will probably receive it in about a week's time.

And when he gets his ukelele delivered to his grandparents' house, he will probably spend hours and hours learning chords and playing cool songs.

And if that boys learns how to play his new ukelele, he will most probably learn to play Somebody That I Used to Know by Walk off the Earth.

The end.

*A story written in the spirit of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie