Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Leftovers Part II, Phone Version

Aracely telling Mark about their new place in Florida.  Only Mark's pointing to Mexico, so maybe that's not what they were talking about.
 Gaël's last full day.  A picnic with the boys, Hannah, and Lydia
And speaking of pop fell asleep sitting up, hand on the remote with a toothpick in his mouth.  Sorry, Dad.
 The neighborhood pool came in handy for the HOT HOT summer we had!
 Lydia and the boys made cookies.  Seems like Christmas.
And they listened to Odyssey.  My computer is very hard to hear without speakers, so they kids all plugged in their headphones.  It was sweet to listen to them all laugh at the same place or to look at one another during certain parts.
 Joel's love for dressing up has not diminished.
 The highschool track near my parents' where I ran intervals.  The sky kept getting better and better this day.
 Everyone knows where this is.  Mark and the boys with his dad and step-mom.
 Cousins eating ice cream at DQ.
 Who knows what is so funny at Hannah's house.  I especially love Sam's hat, but why was he wearing it?
 One morning after finishing my run, this busybody paid me a visit.
Mark and I had a rare weekend without the kids.  We had to travel to Illinois for a meeting anyway, so we took some extra time away.  We got this gorgeous hotel on priceline for mere peanuts.  What a lovely two days it was just being together!  Probably my favorite two days of the whole summer!
Supper and a game (which we never really caught on to) with my parents and these very dear people, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, who were like grandparents to me when I was small (and when I was big...and old...and still!)
My pseudo sisters, Cara and Gretchen, and I had a fun afternoon while the under-nine crowd played. And then later the three of us and our mom, Kennetha, had coffee and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.  Fantastic day, girls.  Thank you!
Friends met us at Iaria's Italian Restaurant in Downtown Indy for a delicious supper and great conversation.

I took a quick trip to the Columbus area to be with college roommate and best friend, Heather.  Unfortunately, there was a death in the family and we spent some of our precious time at the funeral home.  But after, Heather and I were able to squeeze in some great moments before I left the next morning.
 Heather with her oldest of three daughters.

I headed back by way of Dayton so that I could pick up my Jack, who had spent a few days with his cousin, Jake.  One funny thing I want to remember from that trip with Jack:  he wanted to listen to KLove, but when we got out of range, I just randomly switched the station.  He was deep into a book, so I didn't think he'd even notice.  "Shake your Booty" came on.  Jack said, from the back seat, "What?"  So I sang the words so he'd know.  And then he said, "Can we switch the station?"  When I asked why (me, smiling from the front, wondering what he'd say) he told me, "It's just inappropriate."

My brother, Dan, did his best to get some laughs out of me in the couple hours I was there.

 This summer was marked by lots of Olympics-watching!
One Sunday morning we got up very early to drive to Princeton, IN for another meeting.  These kids were tuckered out. 
I ran a lot this summer and apparently I'm causing trauma to my toes because the nails keep turning black and (gross!) falling off.  Band-aids were my friends.
I spent many hours editing some wedding photos.  I was VERY happy to have them finished at last.
We spent a day thrifting with my parents (and Hannah and Wendy joined us for the last two stores).  What a fun day we had!  And I found so many great clothes for our fam.  My favorite buy was a pink sweater for 16 cents.  Mark ruined all my joy though, when he told me it was NOT his favorite.   
Sam had a hard time being motivated to work out after Gaël left us.  He asked me to go with him a couple times.  One day, I ran my intervals (and he did a timed mile), and then he wanted to do some circuit training.  Ouuf!  I usually can't do a thing after intervals.  My jelly-legs didn't hold up very well. 
Guitar-loving cousins.
Sam with his Uncle Jeff.
At Virginia Beach, we bought a hermit crab.  One day, I asked the boys to go outside and clean out the cage.  This activity took nearly two hours.  I have NO idea how. 
My dad put a storm door on the front of the house.  Mark and the boys helped...a little. 
My niece, Claire...sweet little thing.
She loves Sam, and I think the feeling is mutual!
On our way back to Quebec we stopped in Dayton to see my brother, Dan, and sister-in-law, Gwen.  We had supper with them at BD's.  This is my brother's bowl.  He knows how to pack it in!

That is all.