Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some Leftovers from our Indiana Summer

 My niece, Lydia, stayed a few days at my parents.  She was a delight to all of us. 

 Jack and Joel had basketball camp one week.
We don't really know how much Joel learned about basketball, but he had a great time!

 Sam helped his grandma with some computer questions she had.
Jack practiced piano a total of maybe 6 minutes all summer.
One day the boys and I helped my mom in the church library  A lot of out-of-date books were pulled, thankfully.  Here Joel is giving a hand by marking out any church info before these books were given away.
Joel found a guitar at a thrift store.  Playing it became his obsession, driving his biggest brother to insanity! 
On the 3rd of August, Mark, the boys, my dad, Mark's brother and his nephew went off to Anderson to Colts' Training Camp.  They had a great time, but they only "knew" a handful of players.
 Pat Macafee...

 Dwight Freeney
No idea who this is, but the kids look cute getting their football signed.  So glad that Mark took my camera with him so I could get a little feel for their experience.  We are watching the Colts vs. Steelers preseason game as I work on this post.  It's a CLOSE game!
Then the next day, our family drove to a little place called North Adams, Michigan to be with one of our supporting churches for the weekend.  We had supper with a very sweet couple who live in Hillsdale (just for fun, I found a post about the last time we were there!).  We always love seeing them.  This day, after a most delicious meal, they had a special treat for the kids.  They had set up a treasure hunt that led us all through the woods (in a little rain) on their property to find some "gold" coins!  I was so touched by this.

 Here are the McConnells with the kids and their restored 1930-something Ford.
Another of our summer highlights was a day spent with our dear friends, the Blackburns.  I really hate the fact that I didn't get more pictures and especially that I didn't get one of all of us.  I think one was taken (at the Mexican restaurant where we ate supper), so that's good.  I'll add it if I can get my hands on it! 
 Beautiful Olivia.

 Luke and Max...some of the coolest kids I know!

 Jack smashed his lip on the bottom of the pool.
Joel, inspired by the Olympic swimmers, donned my swimming cap that he found in the swimming bag.  Hilarious!

 Sharing most embarrassing moments in the hot tub!

We had such a wonderful afternoon and evening at Jodie's parents' home, catching up on each other's lives.  What a refreshment it was to my soul.  Thanks, Blackburns!

This might be the post that never ends... it is quite possible I'll find a few more straggling photos over the next few days.   My photo filing system could be improved!