Friday, August 17, 2012

Earlier Than Expected

Quite out of the blue at supper on Wednesday night, Sam said, "Thanks, Mom, for making us eat foods that we don't like.  Otherwise I never would have survived last night."

He was talking about a supper he had on Monday night at his friend's house.

First, I have to say that there are very few things that Sam doesn't like to eat.  He has a list, though.  At the top of that list is salmon.

So I'm sure you can guess what the meal was!  And the salmon was accompanied by #2 and quite possibly #3 on that same list...couscous and zucchini! 

He'd already told us, with a smile, about the menu when he got home that night, and we'd all had a good laugh over it.  It took him 48 hours to realize his victory was due, in part, to his mother's persistence.

That mother never believed she'd get the "payoff" quite so soon (if ever) for all those stressful meals that were endured when he was little.