Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mark has a family too!

Looks from the recent posts on this blog as if Mark is an orphan. Or that we don't visit his side of the family.

Not true.  Not true.  A week ago Monday we had a very nice visit with his dad, stepmom, two brothers, sister-in-law, two nephews, stepbrother and wife and their two kids.  We ate a most delicious meal of chicken and noodles, and then we went out in the very HOT backyard and talked, played corn hole, and watched the kids play.
Jackie, brother Jeff's wife
Stephanie, stepbrother Nick's wife
Nola, Nick and Steph's precious and hilarious girl
Handsome Mark and Handsome (but blurry) Sam!
Nephew, Brian
Step-mom, Peggy, tired of my camera
Steph and Nola
Brian, Jerry (Mark's dad) and brother Scott
Peggy and Nick
Joel and Nephew Bryce
"Hey, hey! I've got candy!" she told us.
Steph and son, Chase
Sam and Nola
We love you, Billington family!