Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids say funny stuff!

Sam was away at Lifest last week.  We picked him on Sunday afternoon and went to meet Mark's dad and stepmom for supper at Crackerbarrel. Peggy asked Jack what he and Joel did while Sam was away.  Without a moment's thought Jack said, "We just laid in our beds and cried!"  Hilarious, Jack!
When we were at the pool a week or so ago, a cute little girl whizzed by on this little scooter.  Lydia, Joel, and I saw her and spent a couple minutes discussing how fun it would be to have one.  Joel said, "I'd give up my big Abraham Lincoln penny to have that!"  (A giant 4-inch in diameter penny he got at Ford's Theater in DC)  Just to tell you, he REALLY loves that penny!

My 5-year old niece, Claire, came into the room while I was blowing up an  air-mattress for her and Gwen to use that night.  She sat down cross-legged beside me and said, "You are that girl who takes pictures!"