Monday, July 16, 2012

And Since Day 7...

All these things happened.
Gaël experienced his first-ever church gathering.  He told us he liked the atmosphere and felt accepted, despite his initial fears that he would be rejected because he does not believe in God. And if that weren't enough for one day, we ate at Steak 'N Shake so he can see how Americans eat.  Of the whole English/American experience, I believe that American food (the quality and the quantity!) was the thing to cause G the most anxiety! :)

My mom had her 71st birthday celebration at a Mexican Restaurant.
And then cake later on at home.
But before the cake...Uncle Rich made some people VERY happy, including himself, when he brought family treasures to pass on to the next generation.  What a LOT of fun we had, sharing memories, laughing at the things we keep, watching the boys get excited about some new OLD stuff.  And we laughed a lot about Mom and Dad getting back some stuff they thought was, once and for all, out of their hands.
Noelani, interested in the goods, made it difficult for Rich who was trying to travel lighter to their next place.
Aracely and Rich were deep in preparations for moving to Orlando, so I spent some time helping them clean and pack.  Aracely was sometimes not all that serious about getting the job done! :)
Dan and Gwen came for Rich and Aracely's last weekend in Indy.
There were lots of games...
tests of strength,
and silly tricks.
And there were naps!
Pedicures for the nieces.
And faces in screens.
And a Saturday afternoon scavenger hunt at the mall, girls vs. boys. We made a list of pictures that needed to be taken and then a list of things that had to be done.  To help my team, I stepped clearly out of my own comfort zone when I asked a salesperson at Sears for help and then told him I needed "a mattwess, two piwows, and a bwanket."

I'll try to add some pictures of the guys doing their part after someone emails me some. 
And then it was time to say good-bye.  We made an event out of it.
Joel was worried about looming storm clouds and Aunt Aracely was imparting TRUTH and comfort
My parents were not saying good-bye...they just still like each other.

And then on Gaël's last full day with us, I took all the kids (our three, Gaël, Hannah, and Lydia) on a little excursion.  One place we stopped was at our old house we used to own in Beech Grove.  Nice to see it's being better taken care of than the last time we saw it.  Even with the updates, my fake painted-on bricks are still there!
My niece, Lydia, stayed with us for the week
And we went to the Beech Grove park for a picnic.
Jack was sick and blowing his nose every couple seconds.  I thought we needed a record of his misery.
The creek was a great source of entertainment (and was also refreshing!).  It's the little things!
And the next day, we took Gaël to the airport and sent him on his way back to meet his family in Quebec.  He was nervous about flying solo for the first time, but around 8:00 p.m. we heard from him.  He had successfully made his connecting flight in Toronto and was safely home.  Big sigh of relief!

And that's what we've been up to.