Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3: Washington DC

Mark really wanted to get those brake pads fixed on the car so he went off while everyone (but me) was still sleeping, to find an auto parts store.  He found what he needed, but had some bad luck after that.  The new wrench he bought broke in the first 5 minutes.  Anyway, he managed to get the job done, and we headed back to the city for another full day. 
We went first to the Capitol.  We missed our tour time (of course!) but there was a walk-up line, and we buzzed right through there.  We had a backpack full of food which we weren't allowed to take in, and seeing as Mark had already been there before, he volunteered to stay out with our food.  This place will be memorable to us for the world's most annoying tour guide.  We had fun catching each other's eyes and laughing at her little ways.
Once we exited the Capitol and joined back up with Mark, we found a couple benches and a grassy area, and sat down for some lunch.  

The rest of the day was the Library of Congress...

the Air and Space Museum  (where we let the teens go off on their own and when we met back up with them, they told us their favorite part was finding a sleeping man and taking photos with him! GAH!)
the White House (just from the outside)...
the Washington Monument...
the Lincoln Memorial...
 the Vietnam Memorial
Somewhere in that full day, Crazy Girl Hannah was dared to run the bases in a community softball game taking place out on the lawn.  She did it too.  And we could not believe our eyes.  I sure wish I had thought to snap a picture of her running at full speed around those bases.  A player asked her if he could help her.  She said, "No, I'm just running!"  And then he told her they were in the middle of a game.  "Oh!" she said, and kept on going.  She gets the prize for the bravest among us!

She also gets the prize for having the most sunglasses.  In that picture above, Sam convinced her she needed yet another pair  He's good at encouraging others to spend their money.  

We had hoped to stay until nighttime but after all that walking we had done, we decided enough was enough and went "home".  We stopped at Papa Johns and ordered three pizzas, which we ate in the hotel around 10:00.  That was a great way to end the day!

Day 3:  walking, thirst, fun kids, more walking, beauty, pizza!