Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 2: Washington DC

The first thing on the agenda for this day was  Ford's Theater.  Getting there was the challenge, and it seemed that we had nothing but obstacles (which included the brake pads on the car deciding to wear out about then).  Because we had purchased tickets online and had a specific time we needed to be there, poor Mark felt like all he was doing was saying, "Hurry!"  Once we got off the Metro, he took off running to see if he could make it.  He was late, but they let us join the line anyway.  This MO became pretty much how we rolled the rest of our time in DC--running, running...because we had not accounted for some delay or another and pushing slow-moving kids to make it in time for our museum tour times.  But this was not stressful at all!*
The kids thought there was a lot of waiting (and they were right),but they figured out ways to pass the time.  Or I did, when I threw a pack of playing cards in my bag for them.
These boys found other things to do. 
Once at the Ford's Theater:

Sam and Gaël spotted a man who looked "exactly" like their History teacher even down to the kind of haircut and the clothes he had on.  This was great fun for them as saw him over and over.  I have to say, it's true...there is an amazing likeness.  He's pictured above. 

They also were quite amused with these guys.
And Gaël put his Patriots hat on this man.  It was about then that I said, "Come on, we're going to get kicked out of here."

And on we went.  The kids got more and more serious and more and more interested after that.  The talk by the Park Ranger was very interesting, which is surprising to say since he had the most monotone voice.  I guess the story of Lincoln and Booth is so fascinating that it CANNOT be made boring.

Here is where Gaël`s insatiable curiosity showed itself for the first time.  And guess to whom he always picked to ask questions!  And I answered probably 4% of them.  For the rest, I heard this phrase come out of my mouth dozens of times, "I do not know, but we'll look that up too, when we get back to the hotel." 

After seeing the boarding house across the street from the theater and the room where Lincoln died we found a place to eat the lunch we had brought along with us.  

And then to the National Archives.  Everyone seemed completely exhausted after that, so we headed back to the hotel.

The boys did a workout (that they asked me to plan out for them, which makes me happy) and the little boys, Hannah, and I went to the pool.
 Hannah likes these two contrasting pictures!
That night we found a Five Guys.  Only the teens in the group had been there before, so four of us enjoyed a new experience and LOTS of greasy fries.

When we got back to the hotel, the kids wanted to play pool out in the lobby.  Joel got his feelings hurt when the older ones told him he could only play one round, so I put on my Super Mom cape on the way back to the room and asked him if he wanted to play "Try to make me laugh"--our own silly little game that he takes great delight in.  Mark joined us after a few minutes, and I don't know when I've laughed that hard in a long time.  Joel and I even got the rare treat, saved only for VERY special occasions, of Mark's animal/jungle noise routine.  Who cares about an old pool game NOW, huh?

Day 2:  interesting, educational, tiresome, funny...success!

*I'm lying about that!