Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vacation: Day 1

We left Quebec City sometime before 5:00 A.M. on Saturday morning headed for Washington DC.  In the car:  three Billington Boys, Hannah (our friend from Indy who had been with us for almost two weeks), Gaël (Sam's friend from school joining our family for a three-week English experience--not pictured because he wasn't in my line of vision), a football, a longboard, four iPods, a few books, three Kindles, two coolers stuffed with breakfast and lunch foods, and too many suitcases. 

It was a long day.  We spent it listening to our combined-effort playlist (five favorite songs from each person except Gaël, who thought we would not appreciate his taste in music), sleeping, watching National Treasure on my laptop, and working through the activity books I made for each of the kids, according to their age, interests, and language ability. 

My favorite part of that day:  singing with the kids through the playlist loud for all to hear .  Sam had made lyrics sheets for us, so even if we weren't that familiar with the songs, we could still belt it out.

We arrived in DC around 7:30 P.M., unloaded the car, and then found a Chipotle where, according to Sam, they have burritos as big as your face!
One last thing we needed to do before crawling into bed:  run to the grocery store.  Mark stayed in the car while I went in with five very hyped-up kids.  Now, I understand why he did not participate in this little adventure!!  I think I almost prefer a 15-hour car ride with those sillies, than a 20-minute walk through the store!  In the car, at least they were in seat belts!

Day 1:  fun success!