Monday, June 18, 2012


I had intended to blog every day (or almost) while Hannah was here. But 5 or so days have just blown by with me hardly noticing.  Sorry, Wendy.

Not only has life been completely chaotic with end-of-the-school year activities and exams for the kids, but we've had an unusually eventful week bringing with it a roller-coaster ride of emotions.  I feel a little banged up, to tell you the truth.  In seven days we've entered with friends into the joy of a birth, a wedding, and a first-time purchase of a home.  There has also been the death of a friend's grandfather.  Dear friends are experiencing marital problems and a subsequent separation.  And there is a multi-layered disagreement between four people in our church that has been going on for a few weeks now.  While we've loved the happy moments, the sad, hard ones have been heavy. 

So, here we go with a slew of pictures and a few captions where necessary.
Hannah went with me to my ESL class on Wednesday.  I enjoyed her participation!  After, we walked around the Old City and had lunch at a crepe place.  I had so much to show her, but a limited amount of time, so we must go back!

Hannah and Sam made some pickle appetizers for Sam's class lunch

walking back from the pool
They got creative one night with this game--had to guess three people at the same time instead of one.  They may have stretched their brains out a little with that one!
Mark was asked to do a wedding ceremony in Montreal.  The couple put us up in a hotel overnight Friday.  As Mark was busy with the rehearsal that night, the kids and I took a walk to find some food.  We were in an industrial area with tons of construction being done on the roads.  There were even detours for the sidewalks.  After a Subway supper, we went exploring.  There was not much to see.  We did spot a bowling alley, and everyone thought that would be great fun. 

So it's what we did! We won't talk about the scores, will we kids?
I kept getting left behind.  It might have been because I was trying to take pictures.

Sam still has exam week coming up, so he had to find a way to get in some studying.
Hannah journaled while he studied.
and Jack read
Jack's been working on a "movie" for his class with memories from the whole year.  He worked on the final touches on Saturday morning.
Here he's giving a private screening.
On the way to the wedding, we saw this gangster limousine.  We were hoping it was on its way to OUR wedding, but no!
We dropped Mark off at the church an hour before the ceremony and ran to a grocery store to grab some lunch. 

This bird was just waiting for some leftovers.  Hannah especially liked him and his friends.
And then this handsome man did an bang-up job marrying the bride and groom.  He was cool as a cucumber!

Weddings are long, sometimes boring affairs for little guys, but Joel did a great job the whole day.

Friend Pam was there.  We miss her so much since she moved to Montreal!
Liz, one of our precious friends

Some of us sneaked outside during the reception for some fresh air and fun!

Sunday morning worship service was a special time.  Here the adults are helping the kids show The Story of God--the series they went through this school year.

These people make me smile!
Happy Father's Day to the best in the west!
Later on Sunday afternoon, we went over to friends' to visit their new home and to dedicate it to the Lord.  There's too much goodness in this story to share now, but let's just say it was moving.
The happy homeowners!

Any guesses at what they're laughing about? 
I think this is a good way to end this post!