Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh What a Day!

TUESDAY:  We had waited for this day to come for a good long while. Sam's friend, Hannah (you can see a few pictures of them back in a post at Christmastime) arrived in Quebec City.  She will be spending a couple weeks with us before we all head back to Indiana together.

Let's go into a little more detail (for once!)

7:47  Little boys off to school

8:30  Mark leaves via bicycle to teach a couple classes .  We let Sam skip school so he can go with me to pick up Hannah at the airport and spend the day with her. He and I spend the next hour or so cleaning up the house together.

10:12  We take off together for the airport.

11:09  Hannah's flight comes in right on time, and we watch her wait for her bag through the glass wall.  We jump around and wave hoping to get her attention.  We also look for a piece of paper so that we can write HANNAH HAYDOCK on it and hold it up like the suited businessmen waiting beside us are doing. What a brave girl she is to have made her first airplane ride alone, internationally to boot!

11:13  I run to get the car while the kids go up to Tim Horton's and get coffee for me and some kind of sustaining pastries for them.

11:40  We arrive home after running into the grocery store for a few things.  When I smile at the man in line behind me, he says I'm in a good mood.  I tell him I'm always like that!  Over the man's head, the kids hand me the 6-pack of toilet paper that I remembered we needed at the very last minute.  Maybe I'm just happy about remembering the TP.

Hannah hands me a gift from her mother.  It's this beautiful necklace.  Look how it matches my outfit!  (Sorry, Wendy, I didn't get that it was the birthstones of the members of my family until much later.  I just couldn't get over how it had all the colors in my shirt!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

12:30  We all eat lunch together and then Hannah and Sam walk Jack and Joel back to school.

1:03  Mark makes it back home and has just enough time for a shower and a sandwich before a meeting with our co-worker at the coffee shop.  I'm heading to the grocery store so Sam and Hannah tag along to Second Cup and hang there while T and M have their meeting.

3:12  I make it home with my bags of food.  My arrival is perfectly timed so that Mark and the kids get here just minutes after I do.  And all those arms help lug in the bounty. 

3:17  Jack and Joel get home from school.  There is the usual chaos:  the tripping over backpacks, the search for snacks, the excited talking, it's all present.  We don't try to hide anything from Hannah about Billington-family living on her very first day.

3:45  I ask Sam to help Joel work on his presentation for school the next day while I put away groceries and start supper.  It's a little speech about his passion.  He has picked Washington D.C.

4:45  I get a call from a very distraught friend and member of our church family.  Her grandpa is dying in the hospital. He's not a believer.  No one in her family is.  She's crying, asking me to pray with her.  I do.  We do.   

5:30  We sit down to cheese-stuffed pasta shells, salad, and baguette.  And then we leave the dining room and kitchen in a mess and jump in the car.  We have a very special someone to meet.

6:37  We arrive at the Hospital Hôtel Dieu de Lévis to rejoice with S and C (one of my very favorite people in Quebec and maybe the world!) and to meet Baby N.  He's their first baby and we listen to the very intense, beautiful, terrifying, sweet story of his birth.

7:02  The kids are still out waiting for us in the waiting room.  They don't care.  They've found a die app on Hannah's iPod and are playing Chutes and Ladders.  We do eventually come and get them to see N too.
8:04  We get back home.  I put on a This American Life episode for the kids that I've been wanting them to hear.  They listen while I clean up the kitchen.

8:30  We read Psalm 3 together as a family and pray.

8:45  My friend who's grandpa is dying calls again.  She wants to know if I would like to pray with her and one of her roommates when she gets home in a bit.  I say yes, I would.

9:15  I drive over to the girls' place.  We cry and comfort and listen and pray.  It's so hard. 

11:15  I come home and share some with Mark of my experience, and we wonder together at the gamut of emotions we've gone through in the last few hours--from the joy of a new birth to the deep sadness because of a life about to be lost.  We fall into bed.

The end.