Sunday, June 10, 2012

I don't want to call this post "The Weekend" but that's what it is.*

Friday after the kids got home from school, we packed up our van with our tent, sleeping bags, and food, and headed to St-Raymond with our neighbors and friends--Guy, Catherine, Olivier, and Victoria-- for a weekend of camping. None of us knew that we were about to have a very rustic camping experience.  Rustic means there were NO showers and NO electricity.  After adjusting our expectations, our menu, and our cooking methods a little, we settled in for a beautiful time.  It was all pretty much perfect except for the fact that Sam was not with us.  He had a basketball tournament that we did not know about when we planned the weekend.  He stayed the night with our friends and got himself to his games on the city bus.  We missed his presence a LOT.
this beautiful sight was 10 yards from our camping spot

see the butterfly on Joel's shirt...she hung around the kids for a good 20 minutes until their love most likely killed her
Ice cold river!

We don't know what this place was, but it was cool
Big brother shows little brother how to "do" fruit roll-ups

Sleepyhead upset about leaving Sunday morning
We ate breakfast Sunday morning and then packed up to head on home.  We could not wait to get home for showers.  When everyone was cleaned up, the car emptied, and news exchanged between us four and Sam, we threw together a quick picnic lunch and drove off to meet our church family for some time at one of the most beautiful parks on earth (I'm sure!)
I got separated from my friends when I ran Joel back to the others after he decided he had had enough walking for the day.  I really didn't mind too much being alone because when I have my camera in hand, I'm usually running to catch up to groups anyway.  As it was, I just went off exploring at my own pace.
I have no idea
When we did meet up finally, we got in trouble by a park ranger who told A that she wasn't to climb on the canons!  What a party-pooper!
So we ended the weekend with quite a few mosquito bites, piles of dirty clothes and sleeping bags, and a car full of sand, but the benefits of being outside, admiring the beauty of nature, breathing in deep, and sharing life with friends was so worth it.

And now, one tired, happy girl is signing off.  Goodnight.

*My brilliant family's suggestion for the post title.
Alternate title by Joel:  A Weekend in the Dirt