Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Long Weekend

Here's what it was like:
4 days of sun, and up to 30ÂșC
The new bright green of spring showed off a little.
There were other colors too!
Here's how we spent it:
A little shopping trip for some clothes for Sam
A day spent doing yard work at (and with) friends' all day (the kids worked SO hard)
A date for Mark and me Saturday night
Lots of street hockey
A couple of shockingly cold swims in the neighbors' pool
A walk with friends down the hill to get ice cream and pick dandelions and laugh and breathe deep
A movie (War Horse)
Preparations for Sam's trip with his class to Boston
his packing skills should not surprise me, but they do anyway
Some great late-night walks with this music in my ears, stirring my soul
Some trash-picking
from roadside to bedside!
A fire and s'mores
A basketball game for Sam and Mark with friends
A big bedroom clean-up and a little fight with the resident dust-bunnies
A long bike ride for Mark and Guy

And just as the weekend disappeared, so did our summer-like weather...as if it knew that today we would need to get back down to business and not get distracted by it.

Here we go...