Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A sort of pinball-ish post

Last week I turned 43 (or thirty-thirteen as I've been saying).  Mark took me out for a sweet little breakfast before our regularly-scheduled Wednesday duties.  And then he made us the supper of my choosing--an enchilada soup topped with cheese and avocado.  I asked for poached pears for dessert (yay, the family said with little enthusiasm), but fun and chocolate and convention were all on their side.  We could not find any ripe pears so voila...my birthday cake!

And then I made everyone kind of sad.  The family wanted me to pick out a new camera bag online for my present.  I looked, but I had a case of sticker-shock, and I told them that since I'm taking another trip to the States in a couple weeks, that that should be my gift from them.  There I was, being a party-pooper again.
But, thankfully, Joel makes us laugh on a regular basis so we forget about party-pooperish behavior.  Sam, especially, thought this drawing and attempt at identifying the Colts' new hope was humorous.  Oh French phonetics, how you confuse my children so that they sound out English words in a way that makes absolutely no sense, ni en francais, ni en anglais!

Sunday, our church went to a farm (pictures in a post soon) and worked, played, sang and prayed together.  That evening squished up on the couch in the basement watching the Waltons, I said, "Whew, Joel, you stink!"  He looked over at me and said, "It's dirt and stuff, Mom." 

He was doing his homework last night in our bedroom as I folded clothes.  And from out of nowhere he said, "Bernard on Adventures in Odyssey always wants a hot bath."   :)

Last week we memorized Isaiah 54:10.   Over and over we said it together or just two or three of us at random moments in the day.  Monday afternoon Joel and I were alone in the living room.  I asked him to say the verse for me.  "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfamily love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed says the Lord who has compassion on you."  When he was done I said, "What is unfamily love?"  He shrugs with his shoulders AND his face, "I don't know!"  I'm guessing the verse was really becoming special and meaningful to him, you know, learning about God's unfamily love. 

I smile a lot around this kid!

An email from my dad this morning made me smile:

The phone rang about noon on Saturday and I answered it.  There was this man with a very heavy British/Indian accent.  Without identifying himself or asking who I was, he said that my daughter had come over to his yard and kicked their dog and now the dog needs surgery and what was I going to do about it. I told him I thought he must have the wrong number because we only have one daughter and she lives a thousand miles away in Canada.  He replied that she did kick their dog and he wanted to know why she did that.  Unless he was calling from Quebec, or she did it several weeks ago while she was here for that week, I still maintain she didn't do it. I think about that time he hung up.  It takes all kinds, or as Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a village to raise a child," or something profound like that.

Promise I didn't kick any dog. 
But I confess to some other pain-causing crime.  See this picture of Jack in apparent misery, gulping his third glass of milk? 

I bought these cute, innocent-looking peppers at the grocery store on Tuesday.  I plopped a couple on the kids' plates for lunch on Saturday.  They saw them as I was still preparing the food.  "Can we have some now," they wanted to know.  I didn't really know anything about them.  The kids LOVE super hot foods so I figured that even if they were spicy peppers they could handle them okay.  Neither Jack nor Sam proceeded with caution.  They just each popped one in their mouths at about the same time. 
Mark was a bit smarter and actually just took a bite.  Sam was still on fire and hurting pretty badly, but still felt the need to go outside, find Mark who was working on the car, and offer him a taste (without warning, I might add).  He handed the little thing right back to Sam with a smile.  One bite was enough for him!
We actually all took at taste or two.  WOWZEE!  There should have been some kind of warning on the wrapping! Poor Jack was hurting the rest of the afternoon.  Being the helpful father that Mark is, he suggested to Jack that as bad as his stomach was feeling, there might be something worse coming down the pike.  

Sam took the rest to school yesterday and handed them out to his friends who are always ready for a good dare.  He got called into the office later for a little chat with the principal who told him (gently and kindly) to leave the peppers (and any subsequent challenges) at home.  She told him they didn't need the appearances in the hallways that kids were high on drugs.  I guess one kid was bright red with tears streaming down his cheeks and one kid was late for his next class as he tried to get himself under control in the bathroom.  

Is this funny or shameful?  I haven't decided yet.

I just like this picture.  That's all.

And that's really all, unless I think of something else, which is entirely possible.

What can this possibly be?

I went out for a walk late last night.  When I was almost finished and turned down the street that would take me home, I heard this crazy ruckus, powerfully loud enough to still be heard over the music in my ears.  Does anyone know what creatures are making this din?