Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What would I do...

without great kid moments in my life?

I was taking Jack to his handball tournament over a week ago.  He was telling me again how disappointed he was that their class found drug paraphernalia in the woods the day before when they were cleaning it up for Earth Day.  I saw a little opportunity to check in with him about his stance.

Me:  Are you ever going to try drugs?
Jack:  No!
Me:  Why not?
Jack:  It's stupid and it causes so much pain.
Me:  Well, what if someday your friends want you to give drugs a try with them?
Jack:  Well, I won't.  And anyway, they won't, because my friends all think drugs are stupid too.
Me:  (Trying to help him understand that pressure from others makes us do things we might otherwise consider stupid) If it's so stupid and everybody thinks it's stupid, why do you think so many highschoolers do drugs, then?
Jack:  (with a roll of his eyes) Mom, that's another generation!

I made bread yesterday.  Something went terribly wrong with one loaf.  I was fascinated and took it over to the table to photograph it.  As I'm snapping away, trying to show the full extend of my bad luck, I mutter out loud, "This is SO weird."  And Sam, washing dishes at the sink and watching me taking pictures of a loaf of bread says, "YOU'RE so weird!"  Is that teen-speak for I love you?

Yeah, I guess not either.

Our next-door neighbors were having some trees pruned yesterday.  One old ugly pine tree got completely cut down.  Joel was in a tizzy over it, saying things like, "I like that tree!" and "Oh, I hate this!" We watched the tree trimmer cut off all the branches and then work his way from the top down, cutting about 4-foot sections of the trunk as his descended. I looked over to see Joel just not able to face it anymore.  It was like they were cutting off HIS limbs.

I completely "get" him.